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How To Add PHP echo style

How To Add PHP echo style You can use the <p> tag inside the PHP echo statement to add text content. In this tag, you have to add a style attribute within which you can mention CSS as given below:
echo "<p style='color:red;'>This is a text in PHP echo.</p>";

Add css style to php echo

echo '<font color=red>Record was updated</font>';

Echo <style></style> in php

    if($user_id ==1){
   .adminCog {
       z-index: 3;
       position: absolute;
       right: 11px;
       top: 8px;
How To Add PHP echo style

Mastering the Basics of PHP Echo

PHP is a popular programming language for developing web applications and websites. One of the fundamental features of PHP is the ability to display dynamic content on a webpage using the echo statement. The echo statement allows you to output text, variables, and even HTML code onto a webpage. In this article, we'll explore how to add PHP echo style to your web pages.
  1. Understanding the PHP Echo Statement The PHP echo statement is used to output text or variables to the webpage. The syntax for using the echo statement is simple:
<?php echo "Hello, World!"; ?>

In this example, we are outputting the text "Hello, World!" onto the webpage.

  1. Adding Variables to the Echo Statement One of the most powerful features of the echo statement is its ability to display variable data. To add a variable to the echo statement, simply concatenate the variable with the string using the "." operator.
<?php $name = "John"; echo "Hello, " . $name . "!"; ?>

In this example, we are outputting the text "Hello, John!" onto the webpage.

  1. Using HTML with the Echo Statement The echo statement can also be used to output HTML code onto the webpage. To do this, simply include the HTML code within the echo statement.
<?php echo "<h1>Welcome to my website!</h1>"; echo "<p>Thank you for visiting!</p>"; ?>

In this example, we are outputting an HTML heading and paragraph onto the webpage.

  1. Conclusion The echo statement is a powerful feature of PHP that allows you to output dynamic content onto a webpage. By mastering the basics of the echo statement, you can add personalized text, variables, and HTML code to your web pages. With a little practice, you can take your PHP coding skills to the next level and create dynamic, interactive websites that engage your audience.

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